There're 7.5 billion people on the earth, but you're the only one

Little me, and little you,

meet, know each other in Efun...

During this period of getting along,

do you have many things to say?

Say it here,

What you want to say, we'll help you to convey

Event Rule

1. Tap the button of Contribute and input the words you want to say. We will send the letter to your recipient. If you receive a letter, you can check it in [Whisper].

2. Player who contributed successfully will be rewarded 88 Points.

3 contributions will be chosen as Selected Contributions to publish every week. And these 3 corresponding contributors will be rewarded 188 Growth as bonus.

4. If the contribution contains inappropriate content such as personal abuse, it will be considered as an unsuccessful contribution.

5. Only one chance for each account to get reward every week.

6. Related reward will be sent within 1-3 working days after event ends of this week.